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Thailand Photos

Recently, I’ve realized that my computer is overflowing with photos that I have no home for.  I’ve decided to begin to compile my extra photos and hopefully create, one of a kind collages.  I have no idea where I’m going with this, but sorting things out and organizing themes.  So much to do, but looking forward to sharing my work.  Marie's Photos

Billy Idol at LA Book Festival

Last weekend my grandson Christopher and I attended the LA Book Festival at USC and had the opportunity to see, yes, Mr. Rebel Yell himself, Billy Idol.  I sat in the front row and was able to take MANY pictures.  Please note his noted “smirk”.  Great interview with the LA Times and he even entertained us with a few songs.Billy Idol 2015

Joy To The World


Three Dog Night ILast night “The Three Dog Night” performed in concert honoring the 50th Anniversary of Marina Del Rey here in Southern California.  They never missed a beat and voices strong as ever.  The group is still creating and making new music.

In a world of senseless wars and heavy crime, they managed to bring back some JOY to our spirit.

They wrote a new song dedicated to the children that are experiencing living in war torn countries and it was truly inspirational.  Will be looking for it to hit the charts.

Catching Up on Blogs



Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Needless to say I’ve been traveling since Christmas Day of 2014 and my internet communication limited, so now it’s time for CATCHING UP.  The posts that I share will mainly be visual with few tag lines.  I’m still operating on jet lag, so here’s hoping it will all come together and I can hopefully fill in the blanks later.

This photo was taken at the Train Station in Bangkok, Thailand.  A few years ago I did a short photo documentary on “reading”, just adding this to my continuing collection and ready to go back and revisit my project.