The Tower of Babel

Something to ponder today.

Musings with Camera in Hand

A few weeks ago, I went to up the Portland area to revisit Sauvie Island, and the photographs this week will be from that trip.  But what I really wanted to write about, as it’s been on my mind, is communication, and how it’s changed over the last two decades.

I studied English Literature, and actually have a Master’s in that, although I certainly don’t believe I’m a master communicator.  Verbally, I’m probably worse than most, because I was so shy growing up that I would stumble over my words, speak softly, and nothing would never quite come out the way I wanted, unless I was really upset, angry or impassioned enough to not think about my “stage” fright.

However, I always loved to read, and for a long time I wanted to be a writer.  So I grew up reading novels by Henry James, and Dostoevsky, and the writing…

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Eclectic Captures

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These are more or less Eclectic Captures from these last few weeks in Southern New England.

Have begun to experiment with digital art, as it opens doors to exploring abstract art.  My header on my blog is my first attempt.  Blues and Greens have always been my favorite color combination, and I used one of my photographs of trees as my subject.

Calm Before The Storm



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The wind is already blowing and we’re awaiting storm Sandy.  The Governor of Rhode Island has declared a state of emergency and everyone is preparing for the hurricane.  They are telling people to fill their bathtubs with water?  Okay!

These pictures are from yesterday, to remind me of the beautiful fall this year.